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From the entire list of services provided by the Atman data center, we use a cloud computing system of the VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) model, as a standalone service or in addition to colocation services or dedicated servers. Atman Cloud is a cloud based on the OpenStack technology ecosystem that provides resources for data storage and computing power.



  • Simplified management

    The client receives a simple agreement with clear rules. We are committed to a strict SLA, so customers can expect the highest quality. We guarantee that there are no limits on hardware resources. The procedure for changing infrastructure elements is as simple as possible and can be done in a few clicks.

  • Cost control

    Payments for the service can be made either on a monthly basis (subscription fee) or for specifically consumed resources (PAYG). Regardless of the payment option, it is enough to control a few parameters. Atman Cloud customers are able to predict and plan their expenses even in unstable conditions.

  • Reduction of total infrastructure costs

    Customers do not incur capital expenditures, do not have to buy spare parts, and can forget about the main costs of server rooms: space, power supply, cooling, physical security - all of this is provided by Atman Cloud. On the contrary, customers can count not only on attractive prices for resources, but also on many other built-in additional tools that they receive in the service package.

  • Data security

    Triple replication is used in the data storage space. A physical disk failure or other incidents are completely irrelevant to customers because they do not affect data security. Atman Cloud is a Polish cloud located in one of the data centers in Warsaw. Customers sign an agreement with the Hostpark company, thus ensuring that they act in accordance with current EU legislation and regulations.

  • Efficiency in IT projects

    The time required by the client's IT department to prepare and deliver server infrastructure to users is significantly reduced. The amount of resources and availability of the necessary tools are no longer a limitation. Expenses become a flexible component that can be planned, and the IT department is perceived as a dynamic and innovative unit in the company.


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We have been cooperating with Hostpark for several years. We are very pleased with the highly coordinated work! The company always provides quality services and offers favorable conditions. The technical support team responds quickly to requests and, if necessary, provides consultations and explanations. If you have any technical issues, the specialists solve everything promptly! We can safely recommend it.

Sincerely, Mykhailo Savinov, Director of Astelit LLC

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AVA Group recommends Hostpark as a reliable partner that has been tested by time. You always stand up for your client's interests, and this is very gratifying. We wish you development and prosperity!

Sincerely, Maxym Shevchuk, President of AVA Group

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CFJ Trading LLC expresses its gratitude to HOST PARK GROUP LLC for the successful implementation of the project on the introduction of a new virtual infrastructure hosting based on the Atman data center. Over the three years of cooperation, HOST PARK GROUP LLC has proved to be an expert in its field, with certified engineers and qualified technical specialists involved in the projects. The specialists of HOST PARK GROUP LLC actively participated in the design, construction of infrastructure in accordance with the project requirements, in the development and expansion of the data center, and in its active support. Engineering support in the data center itself was provided in a timely manner and at the appropriate professional level, and the implementation of new capacities was carried out with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. We would like to note the high professional level of the specialists of HOST PARK GROUP LLC and thank them for the prompt and high-quality implementation of the project. All works were completed in full in accordance with the contractual obligations and terms of reference and in compliance with the deadlines. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation.

Sincerely, V.Yu. Cherniavskyi, Director of Business Development and Support Department, CFJ Trading LLC


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